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Local Surroundings

A large portion of the terrain consits of primary forest. You get a good overview of the plant and animal life in Costa Rica. Amongs other things you might see hawler monkeys, toucans, hummingbirds and according to season many other tropical birds.

Should you like engaging in sports activities or making excursiones in the local area, we will arrange for you whatever you like , no matter whether it`s hiking, horseback riding or any otherof the many activities on the water like cajaking, kanoeing, windsurfing or riverrafting.

We also offer visits to the Maleku indians or an Costarican farm. Whatever you like : you will feel right at home with us not only because of the majestic tree or the gorgeous suroundings !


Lago Arenal

Ceiba Tree Lodge
Costa Rica - Nuevo Arenal

Phone and Fax: (++506) 2692 8050
Mobile phone: (++506) 8313-1475

The entrance is located on the highway to La Fortuna (Arenal volcano), 3.72 miles southeast of the town Nuevo Arenal.